Welcome to Tachyonic Neutrino documentation!

Release v1.0.14 (Installation)

Tachyon is a flexible Python WSGI Web and RestApi application framework for rapid development. It’s free and open source and before you ask: It’s BSD Licensed! Contributions and contributors are welcome!

import logging

import pyipcalc
from tachyonic.neutrino import app
from tachyonic.neutrino import jinja
from tachyonic.common import constants as const

    class IPCalc():
            def __init__(self):
                    app.router.add(const.HTTP_GET, '/ipcalc', self.ipcalc)
                    app.router.add(const.HTTP_POST, '/ipcalc', self.ipcalc)

            def ipcalc(self, req, resp):
                    net = None
                    prefix = req.post.get('prefix', '')
                    net = pyipcalc.IPNetwork(prefix)
                    t = jinja.get_template('ipcalc/ipcalc.html')

                    resp.body = t.render(prefix=prefix, net=net)


  • Routes based on URI templates.
  • Jinja2 templating integration.
  • Simple ORM. (serialized data json import and export)
  • Mariadb/Mysql Pool manager and simple interface
  • Policy/Rules Engine - Access control to resources.
  • Loading of resource classes/functions and middlware classes via configuration file.
  • Logging Facilities.